A country with only 9 million people and the geographic size of New Jersey has the 3rd highest amount of companies on the NASDAQ, ranks #1 in VC investment per capita, is regarded as the most important startup ecosystem outside of Silicon Valley, and is home to over 300 R&D centers from multinational companies including Apple, Intel, Microsoft, and Google. It’s simple: Israel is the startup nation. With more startups per capita than any other country, there’s a lot to learn from the success of the Israeli Startup Ecosystem.

What do I need to know to join TAMID?

Come as you are! No previous experience or knowledge is required.

No. Approximately 40% of all TAMID at Northeastern members are non-business students. We have majors ranging from computer science to engineering to biology to political science to communications and beyond. We're looking for people who love to learn. No previous business experience is required. 

Does TAMID have any political affiliations? 

No. TAMID is a strictly apolitical and areligious organization.

Is TAMID only at Northeastern?

No. TAMID is a national organization with 60 chapters across the U.S., China, Canada, and Israel. Other chapters include Harvard, BU, Tufts, USC, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, NYU, and Duke.

Do I have to do Education before I join any of the other tracks?

Yes. Every TAMID member and alumnus has gone through the Education track. The Education track gives you the skills and tools you’ll need to jump into Consulting, Tech Consulting, and Investment Fund. It also helps you form a community within TAMID to better integrate into the organization as a whole.

Can I do all the tracks? At the same time? How does that work?

After your first semester in Education, you'll choose to go into Consulting, Investment Fund, or Tech Consulting. You can choose to do one of them, two of them, or all three at the same time (they all meet at different times so there is a possibility for that)! You can also jump between tracks from semester to semester. You can also just stick with one track, as every semester is a vastly different experience with new groups, companies, and deliverables. The Fellowship can be done at any time but only occurs in the summer.

What is the time commitment like?

Your TAMID experience is what you make of it and different aspects of the club have different time commitments. Education is a 2-hour commitment per week while Consulting and Investment Fund are 1 - 2 hours. Tech Consulting is a 4-hour commitment.

What type of events does TAMID host? 

In addition to our regular tracks, TAMID puts on events including business speakers, TAMeetups (with other local TAMID chapters), social events and outings, workshops, and co-op panels.

What is the application process like? 

In August or September, we will release our application. We will host virtual recruitment events during the first three weeks of school- these events are not mandatory in order to apply but HIGHLY encouraged to get to learn more about the club. The application will be due in late September.

If I am admitted into TAMID in the Spring, could I still get to Israel this summer? 

Yes. You will still have opportunities to go to Israel this summer if you would like to.

When was TAMID founded?

The TAMID Group was founded at the University of Michigan in 2008. Since then it has expanded rapidly. The Northeastern chapter was founded in 2015.

How large is TAMID at Northeastern?

While it’s hard to gauge how many people are in TAMID because of co-op and students studying abroad, there are currently over 70 active TAMID members on campus. 

How competitive and expensive is the Fellowship? 

The Fellowship is a competitive internship, however, it’s not overly difficult to get in. The Fellowship requires you to fill out an application, submit letters of recommendation & a resume, and you must record a short video pitching yourself as well. As for how expensive the Fellowship is, it costs around $1,000 for the flight, housing, all weekend trips, transportation passes, and everything else. The Fellowship is heavily subsidized and would cost around $10,000 if it wasn’t subsidized by TAMID.

How has TAMID changed since COVID-19?

During the week in March of 2020 when in-person classes were canceled and students were sent home, TAMID at Northeastern immediately and successfully transitioned to a fully virtual format. We intend to continue using a virtual format for all track meetings. Since March, our members have been working hard to improve our chapter. We've added 6 new committees, created an active fund, and helped TAMID's Global Education committee implement a new curriculum based on ours. While we are sad that most of TAMID will be virtual in the near future, we're excited for all the amazing things we have planned this semester. 

Why does TAMID study entrepreneurship and business through the lens of the Israeli Startup Ecosystem? 
Is TAMID only for business majors?