The TAMID Education track aims to develop members professionally, help them understand the various facets of the entrepreneurship world, and help them analyze the factors behind Israel’s accession as a startup and tech powerhouse. The track also teaches members skills in preparation for the Consulting and Investment Fund tracks. 


In order to get hands-on experience within the Education track, Northeastern's venture accelerator, IDEA, provides members with short-term consulting projects to work on during the semester. Additionally, participating members are also given the opportunity to work on a mini Investment Fund pitch as well. Education also has a mentorship program where members get paired with older TAMID members to get professional help on resumes, interviews, the co-op search, and career advice.

The Education track is the first opportunity for incoming members to form strong connections with other TAMID members through a series of social and professional events. There are also Education-only events, which are another opportunity for Education members to form strong bonds with each other that will further develop once they are in Consulting, Investment Fund, and Tech Consulting.