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TAMID also operates on a regional level with Boston chapters including Northeastern, Boston University, Bentley, Harvard, Brandeis, Tufts, MIT, and Babson. Boston chapters meet up during TAMeetups and at the Boston Regional Conference. 


This photo is from a TAMeetup in downtown Boston with representatives from Northeastern, Bentley, Brandeis, and Babson. Last year, students from Bentley came to our Amundi Pioneer Corporate Finance panel. Students from Northeastern also went to Bentley to hear an alumnus from TAMID at Michigan speak. 


The TAMID Group has 60 chapters across the United States, China, Canada, and Israel. TAMID has over 2,700 members and over 1,300 alumni who have completed 65,000+ hours of pro-bono consulting. The following photo was taken at TAMIDcon, which is our national conference where representatives from every chapter meet together annually.