Choose Your Perfect TAMID Track

You’ve completed one semester of Education— congrats! 🍾 Time to choose your TAMID track!

Do you enjoy strategic problem-solving and engaging hands-on with the Israeli start-up ecosystem?

Yes — Consulting

Eh, Next.

Know how to code? Still want to gain all the skills associated with consulting but through the lens of computer science and engineering?

Yes — Tech Consulting

Go Fish!

Want to conduct real investment research and help manage a portfolio completely funded by TAMID at Northeastern?

Yes — Investment Fund

Try Again ;)

Enjoy travel? Spend a summer soaking up the sun in Israel while working for a start-up!

Yes — Fellowship


TAMID is a community that values a diverse range of interests and skill sets — there is a place for all! In case you want to know more about the different tracks, you can find their descriptions here.

Why did I choose my track?

“I was interested in joining TAMID at first specifically for tech consulting to gain some real industry experience in the tech field. For me, it was a natural decision to choose the tech consulting track because I really sought hands-on experience with companies and the development of projects. I did not have any coding experience the first semester I joined, so through TAMID I was able to gain real-world experience outside of the classroom.”

- Victoria Bowen, Computer Science

“I joined investment fund the semester after I completed education in Spring 2020. When I joined, I didn’t have that much of a background in Finance and I was an undeclared business major, so there was definitely an appeal of getting to try out investment fund in order to evaluate my interests. Investment fund has been an amazing way to apply concepts that I’ve learned in class in a very hands on, practical way. For me, the best way to learn is to actually do stuff so gaining the experience of running an investment fund entirely with other students is really valuable.”

- Josh Glickman, Finance

“When I first started in TAMID, I was really sure I wanted to be in the Investment Fund track because I’m a finance major. However, during Education I was drawn more towards the consulting project we completed because I knew I would be doing more investing in my actual career/co-ops and I wanted my time in TAMID to be spent doing something fun and different. I love thinking strategically and as a supply chain major am very interested in efficiency and finding the gaps in things, so consulting gave me the opportunity that nowhere else did. I was inspired to join the track after being a Project Manager (PM) in my first semester of education and am so happy that I’m a PM now!”

- Miriam Lorber, Supply Chain and Finance

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